June 2014

Dear Cojano Members:

Thanks to all of the friends, guests and musicians who supported the Cojano website since its inception in November of 2011. Our goal was to provide a unified calendar, updated by the bands and musicians for New Mexico music, Tejano and Chicano events throughout Colorado along with annual award shows honoring the participants.

site currently under construction.

Here are the links to some of the bands, musicians and venues:

Sierra Gold on Facebook

Jon Maez on Facebook

Sangre Nueva on Facebook

Los Latineerz on Facebook

D's Midtown Tavern on Facebook

Bad Habitz on Facebook

Terry La Tejana of Facebook

Chicano Heat on Facebook

Amelia Robles on Facebook

Los Traviesos on Facebook

Next In Line on Facebook

Tejano Heat on Facebook

CSF Fiesta Committee on Facebook